Refertest helps you manage your manual and automated tests and guarantees your project traceability from requirements to defects. Thanks to our plugins Jira, Mantis, Redmine and Jenkins, Refertest fits in your organisation and your specific needs.


  • Reference functional and non-functional requirements and evaluate their criticity
  • For each requirement find linked tests, test coverage, test set results and linked defects
  • Save time by connecting your project to Jira Backlog or importing your data from an Excel file

Test plans

  • Create tests in order to cover the project requirements and detail test steps and expected results
  • Add data and parameters to run your tests
  • Define manual and automated tests
  • Use callable and multi-projects tests to save time and homogenise your methods

Test sets

  • Create data sets, organise and classify tests
  • Assign data sets and tests to each tester
  • Run manual tests and manage your test automation tool through Jenkins
  • Generate defects while running your test sets
  • Manage your test sets progress and generate reports


  • Inventory all the defects generated during your runs and its historic
  • Reference, classify and filter defects on the basis of 16 parameters (status, criticity, etc)
  • Follow defects progress and correction
  • Document defects with screen captures and attached files

Data sets

  • Create and organise your Data sets
  • Give values to each parameters added in the Test plans
  • Assign data sets to an whole Test Set or to a few tests runs specifically


  • Configure one or various dashboards for each project
  • Choose the most relevant indicators for your project and your organisation
  • Filter, display data details, go directly into the project by selecting a data
  • Share a common tool with your team to manage your projects

More key features

  • Import and export data with Excel
  • Optimise your projects and improve data traceability
  • Secure your work and build up your test repository thanks to automatic archive of all your data